French band for wedding

Garden Wedding

This afternoon we performed in a lovely place called Collegeville, beyond the bushes around Philadelphia. We played some swing, French and Gypsy jazz for an intimate wedding in the garden of a beautiful home. The newlyweds marched back from the ceremony as Tatiana Eva-Marie started singing “All the things you are”, which is their favourite romantic song. Among the guests were musicians from the Berlin and Vienna philarmonic orchestras (the groom himself is a cellist) and as classical musicians usually are, they were thrilled with our syncopation and improvisation skills and suddenly wished to throw Schubert to the wind and becomes jazz cats like us. After a great evening filled with swing, home made lemonade and cherry pie, we headed back towards New York. The drive home was a long one and we were all very tired, but we revived our minds and hearts with some Beatles nostalgia, screaming “I want you sooo bad” at the top of our lungs. We are a jazz band with a rock attitude, yes we are.

Tatiana Eva-Marie with vintage car

jazz bands for weddings

Music Video & Jazz Wedding at Oheka Castle

What a long and tiring day for Avalon Jazz Band ! We spent the whole day on the Gold Coast of Long Island, at the gorgeous Oheka Castle and its chic French gardens. This famous location is not only a favourite wedding destination, it has also served as inspiration for important works of art, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby and Orson Welles’ classic movie Citizen Kane.

Our special guest for the day was accordion player Kate Dunphy, who is the leader of fellow vintage band Carte Blanche, and we all got there very early to take advantage of the lovely scenery and shoot two music clips, which you will soon have the pleasure of seeing on our website. We chose a jolly little tune called « Ménilmontant » by Charles Trenet (author best known in the USA for his hit « Beyond the Sea »). It describes a very popular district in Paris, lingering on the simple beauty of every day life and the memories of Trenet’s childhood there. The second song you’ve all heard of by now thanks to Mad Men… have you guessed ? Yes, it’s « Zou Bisou Bisou », your new favourite song, the one you can’t stop humming on the L train, on your way to work. Well, we’ve done our very own version of it, enhanced by Kate’s entrancing accordion skills, and we think it’s cute as a button. This silly little song has an uncanny endearing quality to it…

In the evening, we performed in the stunning Oheka ballroom for Eve Julien and Ryan Gordon’s crazy super-wedding. The bride is an Elite top model of French descent, and she looked absolutely stunning in a very bold mermaid dress only she could ever pull off. Ryan is one lucky son of a gun. The bride and groom are both adorable warm-hearted people, and they danced beautifully on Tatiana Eva-Marie’s rendition of the Josephine Baker classic « j’ai deux amours ». We also had the pleasure of meeting Emmy award winner composer Billy Goldenberg, who performed a couple of songs on the piano. All in all, it was a lovely day in a magnificent setting. We had fun, played some swing, made people dance and ate lots of cake. Rosebud.

paris themed party

Paris themed Birthday Party

Avalon Jazz Band invited accordeon virtuoso Will Holshouser for a French themed party in Rye, New York. We were the musical entertainment for a birthday party in a lovely private residence. We played by the pool in a beautiful garden surrounded by golden replicas of the Eiffel Tower and bouquets of purple flowers. The French caterer had steak frites, sweet and savory crepes and cheese fondue, which complimented well our repertoire of musette, Edith Piaf and French jazz songs. We were all dressed in vintage parisian outfits and singer Tatiana Eva-Marie enjoying her favourite drink, a Shirley Temple, with a moustache straw. Did you know those existed ? We think they add a nice French touch to events or party favours, you should try them !