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Avalon has a special guest from Paris!

Our steady guitarist went on vacation in Europe this summer, so we decided to invite our old friend Romain Constant, a French Gypsy jazz guitarist from Paris, to come play with us in the meanwhile. It’s his first time in America and our first gig together, as he was barely off the plane, was at Radegast Hall in Brooklyn.

Romain Constant dedicated his life to the pursuit of swing and the specific sound of “jazz manouche” as Django Reinhardt played it in the 1930′s. He is without a doubt the most old school guitarist you’ll ever meet and he is famous for his melodious and dreamy style of improvisation. He was recently featured in PBS and Arte’s documentary “Harlem in Montmartre”, which tells the story of the black Americans who left America to create the jazz age in Paris between the First and Second World Wars, fleeing the brutal segregation and racism of their own country.

Romain Constant will be in New York for a couple of weeks and we are very proud and honored to have him join our little band of musical vagrants. Below is a picture of us in front of Radegast Hall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please check out our calendar to find out when we are performing next.

Radegast Hall

dekalb market events

Jazz Barbecue

Avalon Jazz Band performed at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn for Brisketlab special Texas style smoked meat event. The Dekalb Market is a very cool heteroclitic space made out of old shipping containers transformed into little shops and boutiques. We played old school swing jazz and brought Tim Clement along with us to spice things up with his rockabilly guitar. Our next event for Brisketlab will be on August 19th in Greenpoint. Stay tuned! …and visit their website to order the most delicious meat you’ll ever eat.

Below is a picture of the band. Notice that the boys are having a mustache growing contest… who do you think is winning?

Swing dance Brooklyn

Swing Mondays at Radegast Hall

After the boys went out for a game of ping pong, we all headed to Radegast for our weekly Monday gig. Radegast Hall and Beer Garden in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) is one of our favorite venues, it is beautiful and inviting, and it’s one of the best places to listen to old school jazz and swing. We love to play there because the place has great acoustics and the audience is wonderful ! It’s a very eclectic crowd made up of jazz lovers, hipsters, beer experts and swing dancers. Radegast has a rather large space in front of where the band is, so it’s actually a perfect place for swing dancing in Brooklyn. We often have the pleasure of watching a few lindy hop dancers showing off their awesome dance moves to the live jazz music.

swing dancing nyc

Swing Dancing at Radegast

Avalon Jazz Band played last night at Radegast. We had a great time as usual ! There was a huge crowd and we had the immense pleasure of playing for some very talented swing dancers. Radegast in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) is a fun place for swing dancing, because there is a lot of space for hopping, twirling and skipping. It’s wonderful to see the revival of lindy hop and swing happening all over New York. It made us feel like stopping by Mona’s soon and playing some oldies for the vintage night owls over there. Fellow musicians from the Sour Mash Hug Band, who came all the way to New York from Oakland for some gigs, came to listen to us last night. They invited us to come jam with them on the West coast in the near future, and as a matter of fact, we will be in the San Francisco area in September, so we’ll keep you posted with what’s going on, dudes.

Mona’s (on Yelp)

live jazz brooklyn

Bar Tabac

Last Wednesday at Bar Tabac, a famous place for live jazz in Brooklyn, we met the touring musicians of Jimmy Cliff, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend, who had just performed at Prospect Park. They loved our show and invited us back to their hotel to chat some more, drink some more and view their live segment on the David Letterman show. It was great viewing it from the other side and seeing them laughing their heads off and cheering each other. We hope to see them again soon in L.A.