swing and gypsy jazz for wedding

A Musician’s Wedding

Our good friend and co-worker Kate, the accordion player from our “rival” band Carte Blanche, was getting married last weekend. She is very dear to us and you will see her soon in our upcoming music video clips (being edited as we speak). As a matter of fact, we love her so much that after a 5-hour gig at Brasserie Julien, at 1am, we embarked on a 15-hour odissey to be at her wedding on time. We drove all the way to Maine, with a snooze-stop at the very appropriately named motel we found on the side of the road in a forest: “The Red Carpet Inn”. Though it was actually clean and tidy, our fatigued imaginations still pictured the place as a scene from one of the too many horror movies we’ve watched. So we just kept calling it “Bates Motel” and spooking each other out.

When we finally arrived in Maine, we headed towards the beautiful renovated barn where we were going to give our little jazz concert. It was in the middle of a huge piece of land, with green grass, horses, swings and trees. What a sight for sore new yorker eyes! The ceremony was touching and simple, Kate looked outrageously stunning with her flashy red hair and sleek 1920′s wedding gown. During dinner, we performed a mix of Gypsy hot jazz, old school swing and French music. Then the bride’s father performed with his dixieland style ensemble the Bellamy Jazz Band, and let me tell you these cats could surely swing!

The afterparty was held in the “backyard” of Kate’s beach house. We played music all night sitting around the fire in the middle of the woods. At 6am, a cab came to take the newlyweds away to Mexico. Bon voyage les amoureux!!! Congratulations to Kate and Cristhian!

Brasserie Julien

Carte Blanche

Bellamy Jazz Band

Red Carpet Inn

Below is a picture of French jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie (a.k.a. Laura Ingalls) having a ball on the swing, while Romain Constant is falling asleep on her left.

gypsy jazz new york

Jazzy Birthday Party

Avalon Jazz Band performed in sextet at the Glasshouses located in the Chelsea Art Towers. It was to celebrate the birthday of Alex, a successful business man and a loving father of two very handsome boys. The crowd was mostly Russian (with a few Vladimir Putin look-alikes), and they sure knew how to party. They hired an amazing glatt kosher caterer for the evening, and we were delighted to taste a variety of yummy dishes, with a huge thumbs-up for the lamb and couscous which was to die for. They also had a blini station with some of the finest caviar and smoked salmon, and a mountain of desserts with macarons and chocolate covered strawberries. It was really a fun event, and the French Gypsy jazz and American swing we performed went very well with the atmosphere of the party. A musical bridge between three great nations: Russia, America and France.

Prime Caterers

The Glasshouses