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Gatsby Jazz Party Orchestra

Avalon Jazz Band was so thrilled to perform authentic 1920’s jazz for a Gatsby themed party at the Lambs Club in Times Square. Our very own nightingale, jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie got a lovely vintage white lace dress for the occasion and wore her grandmother’s pearls. The impeccable Vinnie Raniolo was on the banjo, which added the perfect sound to fit the event. We also invited AJ Kluth on the clarinet and Jeremy Bruyere on the bass. Adrien Chevalier brought his French touch to the ensemble with his violin and his perfectly trimmed moustache. The repertoire was handpicked 20’s hits, hot and cheeky, from Al Joleson’s “Swanee” to Cole Porter’s “Let’s Misbehave”, including many famous George Gershwin and Irving Berlin tunes, naturally.

Avalon Jazz Band usually specializes in 1940’s French Gypsy swing, but we are starting a new band inspired by our “prohibition Wednesdays” at the Apotheke speakeasy and Tatiana Eva-Marie’s unique affinity with the 1920’s style and repertoire. It is called the Gatsby Jazz Party Orchestra and can vary from a quartet to a full 10-piece band. Please think of us for all your Great Gatbsy and 1920’s themed events. Don’t we look like a handsome bunch?

gatsby jazz band

live jazz new year’s eve nyc

New Year’s Eve with Avalon

Avalon Jazz Band had a very busy New Year’s Eve, which included two awesome retro-inspired parties, prohibition cocktails, VIP access to Times Square, champagne and cigars, celebrity sightings and a whole lot of silly pictures.


We opened the evening at Beaumarchais, the trendy French spot in the meatpacking district, where they were having a Great Gatsby black and white party. The sexy hostesses wore their finest flapper outfits, feathers and all, and French bartender Adrien, the best mixologist in town was creating tasty masterpieces. After our performance we rushed to our next destination: Times Square! It was quite an adventure, and a difficult one even with our VIP passes. The police were grouchy (and who can blame them?) and very suspicious of what a violin case might contain on such a night. They almost seemed disappointed not to find a Al Capone’s Tommy gun, but fortunately we were allowed to pass. We even made it on time for our second appearance of the night, the Golden Age cinemascope party at The Lambs Club. Celebrity sightings of the night included Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez, who played the role of Slater on “Saved by the Bell” (how fun is that?), and of course our favourite Iron Chef was there, Geoffrey Zakarian, and below is a picture of him and executive chef Eric Haugan with the lovely Tatiana Eva-Marie.

Tatiana Eva-Marie jazz singer

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Jazz brunch at the Lambs Club

The Lambs Club launched their first musical Sunday brunch today with Avalon Jazz Band. We were very happy to return to the Lambs Club, because it is one of our favorite places in New York. The decor of the brunch dining room is classic American with a modern chic twist on the diner atmosphere. Although we are well aware that most new yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near Times Square on a Sunday afternoon, we really encourage you to make an exception for this unique location. The Lambs Club restaurant is growing in reputation since Geoffrey Zakarian, whom we had the pleasure of entertaining today, became Iron chef, and since executive chef Eric Haugan was named to the Zagat Guide of 30 under 30. Their cuisine, whether it is for brunch or dinner, is fabulous, simple and delicious. We feel so privileged to be invited to the table of these great culinary artists. Below is a picture of jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie getting ready to dig into her perfect smoked salmon and French pastries. Come join us for a night of Gypsy jazz, swing and French music on the mezzanine on Wednesday September 12th! For all Avalon jazz brunch news and updates check out Jazz Brunch New York City.

The Lambs Club

lambs club nyc

Jazz at the Lambs Club

This evening we performed for the first time at The Lambs Club, located inside the Chatwal Hotel, the iconic Stanford White designed building that used to be the epicenter of American theater for the 20th Century. The building was originally opened in 1905 as home to the prestigious Lambs, America’s first professional theatrical club. While sitting at the majestic vintage looking bar, enjoying a shirley temple and an old fashioned, we could feel the spirits of Charlie Chaplin, Spencer Tracy, John Barrymore and Fred Astaire hovering around us. It was wonderful to perform old style swing jazz in such an important artistic landmark, and we got inspired to try out new French songs which Tatiana Eva-Marie had just added to her repertoire. Among those was a French version of « These Foolish Things », originally sung by Jean Sablon in 1936. It’s funny how the French language can talk about tragic love stories in such a light and playful way.

After the gig we were delighted to try Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s mindblowing cuisine. We were speachless. One dish looked like a fancy twist on green eggs and ham : a pond of lard flavored deliciousness with egg foam on top (yes, egg foam), with frisky peas bathing in it and polenta filled ravioli. It was like paradise in the twilight zone. Incredible. The desserts were equally impressive. We can’t wait to go back and put on another thousand pounds.