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Swing Dancing at Radegast

Avalon Jazz Band played last night at Radegast. We had a great time as usual ! There was a huge crowd and we had the immense pleasure of playing for some very talented swing dancers. Radegast in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) is a fun place for swing dancing, because there is a lot of space for hopping, twirling and skipping. It’s wonderful to see the revival of lindy hop and swing happening all over New York. It made us feel like stopping by Mona’s soon and playing some oldies for the vintage night owls over there. Fellow musicians from the Sour Mash Hug Band, who came all the way to New York from Oakland for some gigs, came to listen to us last night. They invited us to come jam with them on the West coast in the near future, and as a matter of fact, we will be in the San Francisco area in September, so we’ll keep you posted with what’s going on, dudes.



Mona’s (on Yelp)