lambs club nyc

Jazz at the Lambs Club

This evening we performed for the first time at The Lambs Club, located inside the Chatwal Hotel, the iconic Stanford White designed building that used to be the epicenter of American theater for the 20th Century. The building was originally opened in 1905 as home to the prestigious Lambs, America’s first professional theatrical club. While sitting at the majestic vintage looking bar, enjoying a shirley temple and an old fashioned, we could feel the spirits of Charlie Chaplin, Spencer Tracy, John Barrymore and Fred Astaire hovering around us. It was wonderful to perform old style swing jazz in such an important artistic landmark, and we got inspired to try out new French songs which Tatiana Eva-Marie had just added to her repertoire. Among those was a French version of « These Foolish Things », originally sung by Jean Sablon in 1936. It’s funny how the French language can talk about tragic love stories in such a light and playful way.

After the gig we were delighted to try Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s mindblowing cuisine. We were speachless. One dish looked like a fancy twist on green eggs and ham : a pond of lard flavored deliciousness with egg foam on top (yes, egg foam), with frisky peas bathing in it and polenta filled ravioli. It was like paradise in the twilight zone. Incredible. The desserts were equally impressive. We can’t wait to go back and put on another thousand pounds.