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Avalon in Sextet at OPIA

Avalon Jazz Band’s show at Opia was a success! In addition to the usual quartet, we had the pleasure of inviting an awesome young jazz pianist, Hyuna Park, who just graduated from Queens College, and a great drummer, Antoine Cara, one of Lulu Gainsbourg’s prized musicians. Tatiana Eva-Marie wore her snake dress and left yet another trail of broken hearts behind her. In the audience were many of her former students from Fiaf (French Institute/ Alliance Française) who came to enjoy the French jazz and see if they could understand the lyrics of all the French songs. Opia is a beautiful lounge inside the Renaissance hotel in Manhattan and it is a perfect setting for jazz and swing. The grand piano certainly contributes to the glamourous feel of the place, and the audience can almost feel transported into an old black and white movie.