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Jazz brunch at the Lambs Club

The Lambs Club launched their first musical Sunday brunch today with Avalon Jazz Band. We were very happy to return to the Lambs Club, because it is one of our favorite places in New York. The decor of the brunch dining room is classic American with a modern chic twist on the diner atmosphere. Although we are well aware that most new yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near Times Square on a Sunday afternoon, we really encourage you to make an exception for this unique location. The Lambs Club restaurant is growing in reputation since Geoffrey Zakarian, whom we had the pleasure of entertaining today, became Iron chef, and since executive chef Eric Haugan was named to the Zagat Guide of 30 under 30. Their cuisine, whether it is for brunch or dinner, is fabulous, simple and delicious. We feel so privileged to be invited to the table of these great culinary artists. Below is a picture of jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie getting ready to dig into her perfect smoked salmon and French pastries. Come join us for a night of Gypsy jazz, swing and French music on the mezzanine on Wednesday September 12th! For all Avalon jazz brunch news and updates check out Jazz Brunch New York City.

The Lambs Club