jazz at Apotheke

Prohibition Night at Apotheke

Every Wednesday night is “prohibition night” at Apotheke, a famous modern-day speakeasy hidden in a small street in Chinatown. Avalon Jazz Band performed 1920′s style jazz with pianist Gordon Webster while the audience boozed, cooched and smootched. It’s the perfect place to discover the art of mixology and pretend you are a floozy out of Boardwalk Empire. New York’s favorite old school French jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie sang some sassy tunes, including “Is you is, or is you ain’t ma baby” and “Pennies from Heaven”, in her sleek vintage sequin dress. Tenor saxophone player AJ Kluth joined us for the second set, and the music got wilder, the skirts shorter and the cocktails tastier. While we were enjoying our night of hot jazz and swing inside our little time bubble, on the street outside of Apotheke was Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan shooting his latest music video. This city has enough room for everyone, from hip hop rappers to lindy hop swingers, and that’s why we love New York.


Below is a picture of the whole band at Apotheke. From left to right: AJ Kluth (tenor sax), Romain Constant (Gypsy guitar), Eduardo Belo (bass), Gordon Webster (piano), Adrien Chevalier (violin), and of course, last but certainly not least, our lovely pin-up chanteuse Tatiana Eva-Marie.