French band for wedding

Garden Wedding

This afternoon we performed in a lovely place called Collegeville, beyond the bushes around Philadelphia. We played some swing, French and Gypsy jazz for an intimate wedding in the garden of a beautiful home. The newlyweds marched back from the ceremony as Tatiana Eva-Marie started singing “All the things you are”, which is their favourite romantic song. Among the guests were musicians from the Berlin and Vienna philarmonic orchestras (the groom himself is a cellist) and as classical musicians usually are, they were thrilled with our syncopation and improvisation skills and suddenly wished to throw Schubert to the wind and becomes jazz cats like us. After a great evening filled with swing, home made lemonade and cherry pie, we headed back towards New York. The drive home was a long one and we were all very tired, but we revived our minds and hearts with some Beatles nostalgia, screaming “I want you sooo bad” at the top of our lungs. We are a jazz band with a rock attitude, yes we are.

Tatiana Eva-Marie with vintage car