Bastille Day in Washington

Taking it easy at the Residence de France

We were very fortunate to be received as personal guests of Monsieur l’Ambassadeur and spend two days at his private residence. We were immediately welcomed with a tasty “goûter” (the French equivalent of the American “snack”) which consisted of fresh home-squeezed orange juice and the best jambon-beurre sandwich ever to roam the face of the earth. This feast was served on the finest Limoges porcelain and silk napkins with tags that read “made in France”. When we went up to our private “suites” we found bottles of Perrier and macarons waiting for us… they did not wait long and disappeared very quickly.

The Residence itself is of breathtaking beauty and it was quite an honor to be able to enjoy the centuries of history that surounded us. Among many things, there was a Bonnard painting, a rug with Napoleon’s itinial and dancing bees, and beautiful second empire style furniture. We were all hesitant to sit and step on these priceless items which seemed to belong in a museum. For breakfast, we were served in a large green chamber with numerous suns and cherubs on the walls and enjoyed the best croissants and pains au chocolat found on this side of the Atlantic, with little jars of Bonne Maman jam. We were treated like royalty and the Ambassador was very kind and thoughtful.

The return to our tiny crumbling New York apartments was very hard on us. It’s funny how quickly one can get accustomed to beauty and luxury.

Below is a picture of Tatiana Eva-Marie and her dress enjoying themselves at the Residence de France.