music for paris themed wedding

Music for a wedding in Montauk

Avalon Jazz Band got booked for this Paris themed wedding after the bride to be and her friends saw us at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn. It was a wonderful wedding at the cosy Solé East resort in the Hamptons. We played some French and American swing jazz in the lantern-lit gardens and everyone was having a jolly good time. We brought guitarist Tim Clement along and he added a rockabilly touch to our sound that just made the crowd go wild. There were people dancing everywhere and half the guests were French Canadian, so they were singing along to the classic French songs we played. Below is a picture of the band with the bride and groom, to whom we wish a lot of joy and luck in their future together!

French jazz singer

Tatiana Eva-Marie, French singer for Bastille Day

Avalon Jazz Band was a special guest at the French Embassy in Washington for July 14th, the French National Day, also known as “Bastille Day”. There were over 2000 people invited and chefs from the most prestigious area restaurants offered a buffet of mouth-watering creations: macarons, pâtés, fromages… it was fabulous! A feast worthy of François Vatel. Many people were dancing and it was a lovely event. We performed only French jazz this time, playing timeless classics that the Americans in the audience recognized, and some covers of Jean Sablon, Charles Trenet and Yves Montand which the French audience was suprised and delighted to hear. The Ambassador François Delattre gave a beautiful and inspiring speach, followed of course by la Marseillaise… and champagne! Tatiana Eva-Marie wore her now famous dress and looked like a creature from the past. She was all teary-eyed when the national anthem was played, and dreamt of her bohemian adolescence in Paris. Vive la France!

To read the Ambassador’s speach on Bastille Day, follow this link:

Bastille Day in Washington

Taking it easy at the Residence de France

We were very fortunate to be received as personal guests of Monsieur l’Ambassadeur and spend two days at his private residence. We were immediately welcomed with a tasty “goûter” (the French equivalent of the American “snack”) which consisted of fresh home-squeezed orange juice and the best jambon-beurre sandwich ever to roam the face of the earth. This feast was served on the finest Limoges porcelain and silk napkins with tags that read “made in France”. When we went up to our private “suites” we found bottles of Perrier and macarons waiting for us… they did not wait long and disappeared very quickly.

The Residence itself is of breathtaking beauty and it was quite an honor to be able to enjoy the centuries of history that surounded us. Among many things, there was a Bonnard painting, a rug with Napoleon’s itinial and dancing bees, and beautiful second empire style furniture. We were all hesitant to sit and step on these priceless items which seemed to belong in a museum. For breakfast, we were served in a large green chamber with numerous suns and cherubs on the walls and enjoyed the best croissants and pains au chocolat found on this side of the Atlantic, with little jars of Bonne Maman jam. We were treated like royalty and the Ambassador was very kind and thoughtful.

The return to our tiny crumbling New York apartments was very hard on us. It’s funny how quickly one can get accustomed to beauty and luxury.

Below is a picture of Tatiana Eva-Marie and her dress enjoying themselves at the Residence de France.

new york botanical garden

An evening at the New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden, July 19th, 2012 – Avalon Jazz brought Monet’s Garden to life with hot syncopation and Gypsy swing. This tribute to French Impressionist Claude Monet showcased a seasonally changing interpretation of the garden that inspired his art. Claude Monet was an avid gardener who once reflected that perhaps flowers were the reason he became a painter. The visitors were able to admire the water lilies made famous by Monet’s brush and explore the legacy of his idyllic garden in Giverny, France, while sipping rosé wine and listening to music.

Hedonism is a fundamental French value, says singer Tatiana Eva-Marie. In Manhattan, people run with their coffee and only think about work, whereas in France, pleasure is considered to be the most important part of every day life. As jazz artists, our goal is to bring a touch of Parisian epicureanism into the fast-paced New York state of mind.

The band members met one another here and there, and everywhere, says Tatiana, it isn’t hard to find great musicians in New York, it is the jazz capital of the world, after all. It can be noticed that Avalon Jazz Band is quite international indeed: Adrien Chevalier on the violin and Koran Agan on the guitar are very true to the Gypsy jazz style made famous by Django and Grappelli in the 1930’s, and Brazilian bassist Eduardo Belo brings a spoonful of tropical flavors to the swing rhythms of the band. Additional musicians for the Botanical Garden concert were Korean pianist Hyuna Park, who brings a slight hint of modern groove to the mix, and drummer Antoine Cara, oozing French charm as always.

The band’s musical togetherness brought a smile to the eyes and ears. Jazz is all about feeling your partners and absorbing their energy, says French jazz violinist Adrien Chevalier, We all became very close friends and every performance is an invitation into our small world, filled with musical private jokes and old school nostalgia. The Water Lily concert was a complete sensual experience: Grass on bare feet, nature for the eyes, the perfume of wild flowers, wine cascading on taste buds, and of course hot French swing for the ears and soul, provided by Avalon Jazz Band and French jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie.

dekalb market events

Jazz Barbecue

Avalon Jazz Band performed at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn for Brisketlab special Texas style smoked meat event. The Dekalb Market is a very cool heteroclitic space made out of old shipping containers transformed into little shops and boutiques. We played old school swing jazz and brought Tim Clement along with us to spice things up with his rockabilly guitar. Our next event for Brisketlab will be on August 19th in Greenpoint. Stay tuned! …and visit their website to order the most delicious meat you’ll ever eat.

Below is a picture of the band. Notice that the boys are having a mustache growing contest… who do you think is winning?

jazz in hoboken

Jazz in Hoboken

Avalon Jazz Band went through the tunnel all the way to Hoboken (which really isn’t that far) to perform at a new fun venue. The Pilsener Haus is New Jersey’s own version of the famous Brooklyn Radegast Hall, where you can sip some rare beers and enjoy some brats while listening to great local and NYC bands. They also have a neat little outdoor space which is perfect on fresh summer nights. We had a nice time performing there, the place was packed and the audience was really into the music. We’ll be back soon because we ♥ Hoboken!

Below is a picture of singer Tatiana Eva-Marie showing off her new hair bow at the Pilsener Haus.

live music event nyc

Swinging at the Food Truck Festival

Avalon Jazz Band gave a special concert at the 2012 International Food Truck and Beer Festival at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. What a beautiful place! You can really feel the ghost of old New Amsterdam lingering in the red brick buildings and the historic cobblestones. We performed right in front of the Peking, a huge steel four-masted windjammer from 1911, which was very impressive. All around us were numerous food-trucks, a flying trapeze and thousands of people. It was a wonderful event and we had a lot of fun (and some great food-truck pizza slices).

meatpacking live music

A Taste of Saint-Tropez

Social travel planner website Gogobot brought the French Riviera to Manhattan for one evening at the Brasserie Beaumarchais in the Meatpacking district, and Avalon Jazz Band was there, of course, to set the mood with some very chic French jazz and swing. The event was called “A Taste of Saint-Tropez”, organized by Eleqt and Socially Superlative and very appropriately hosted by the hippest French restaurant in town, known for its crazy Sunday club brunch and its Wednesday Burlesque show.

Below is a photo of the band, VIP style. We had a lot of fun, can you tell?

Gramercy hotel jazz

Moulin Rouge Party at the Gramercy

Avalon Jazz Band performed at a Moulin Rouge themed evening at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan for the lauching of Clos Du Bois’ new red wine. We played a repertoire of mostly French music, including Gypsy jazz standards and old Parisian songs, while cancan dancers hopped and twirled with the utmost grace and guests enjoyed their Ladurée maracons. All this craziness happened in the Rose Bar, under the watchful eye of masterpieces by Basquiat, Hirst and Schnabel. Apparently, there were celebrity sightings at the party that evening, but we were too deep into our retro jazz world to recognize (or notice) anyone…

Swing dance Brooklyn

Swing Mondays at Radegast Hall

After the boys went out for a game of ping pong, we all headed to Radegast for our weekly Monday gig. Radegast Hall and Beer Garden in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) is one of our favorite venues, it is beautiful and inviting, and it’s one of the best places to listen to old school jazz and swing. We love to play there because the place has great acoustics and the audience is wonderful ! It’s a very eclectic crowd made up of jazz lovers, hipsters, beer experts and swing dancers. Radegast has a rather large space in front of where the band is, so it’s actually a perfect place for swing dancing in Brooklyn. We often have the pleasure of watching a few lindy hop dancers showing off their awesome dance moves to the live jazz music.